Full Stack Developer Course - Online / Classroom Based

Fullstack courses with Java, .NET, Python, PHP, Front End

Why Learn Full Stack?

FullStack Web Developers are the ones who design complete apps and websites. These web developers work on all facets of development, from frontend, to backend, to database and even debugging and testing. In short, the full stack developer must understand the app through and through. Full Stack web developers are more sought after because of their expertise of not in one but multiple technologies. They can handle all aspects of full stack web development.

Why Prognoz

Prognoz is a leading ONLINE & CLASSROOM based TRAINING and PLACEMENT company with specialization in training and skill development through uniquely blended courses designed by industry professionals and maintaining highest placement ratio.

Full Stack Developer Course

Our FullStack developer course breaks down the fundamentals of each technology that one would require to become a full stack web developer. The entire course is broken down into five separate segments: Frontend, Backend, Database and Debugging/Version Control. Each section includes multiple technologies to help you gain more experience as a FullStack web developer. In addition to theory based learning, the course also focuses on practical applications by covering multiple projects in great detail and helps you learn full stack web development with hands-on experience.

Full Stack Course Variants

Online / Classroom Based

  1. FullStack Development with JAVA
  2. FullStack Development with .NET
  3. FullStack Development with PYTHON / PHP
  4. FullStack Front End Development


Prognoz Placements

Prognoz has tie-ups with 600+ IT companies and in a short span of time, has already achieved excellent placement record in IT companies and maintains 100% placement ratio, batch on batch.